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Since November 19, 2008 you can discover rock band Lightseekers' first album released in Japan and 8 other Asian countries as well as a digital download on your favorite music website. Thanks to a deal with label Avalon, Lightseekers is on its way to shine for you in concert and introduce you to the 12 songs of their album Flying Free.

In the beginning, from Pat Clapier (guitar, composition) meeting David Shabtai (keyboards, production) in 2004, the first songs were cut, fed by some ambitious inspiration and motivation. Joined by Gus Monsanto (vocals), the Lightseekers record their first album, revealing tones ranging from classical to modern at once.

We discover then songs carrying heavy emotions, telling stories of rock 'n' roll, often supporting politically conscious lyrics. Lightseekers has already shown to attract bigger and bigger crowds at showcases and festivals, spreading their energy and genuine passion for music.

Don't wait any longer to enter Lightseekers' universe and share the incredible story of these 6 boys.


If you want to get a paper version of our press kit, coming with a CD and a DVD, write us.

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Discover the Lightseekers, rock sensation, first album Flying Free out now!

David Shabtai
Doobie System

Antoine Claudé
Pascal Fallais
Le Mont Olympe (stage musical)

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